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What is LoCATE?

LoCATE @ Biggin Hill is the name for the successful cluster of modern aviation-related businesses located at and around Biggin Hill airport in Bromley, London.

Aviation is one of the most technologically advanced industries in the economy, and Biggin Hill has developed as a major location for businesses in this dynamic and globally competitive sector. Over 1,000 people, many of them with highly advanced skills, work in the various private companies located at Biggin Hill – making it one of the largest centres of employment in Bromley and a unique economic asset for London.

Originally an RAF airfield, Biggin Hill Airport has emerged as a major centre for Business and General Aviation, connecting business leaders and small groups to major business destinations worldwide. CEOs and decision makers value Biggin Hill for its convenience and flexibility.

The Mayor of London has identified Biggin Hill as a Strategic Outer London Development Centre (SOLDC) in the London Plan. This status, and the need to maintain and increase the competitive advantage of Biggin Hill as a high performing part of the capital’s economy, makes this the right time to take Biggin Hill on to the next level.

Many airport businesses have plans to expand, increasing jobs and foreign investment into the local economy. There are opportunities for new business and investment, building on the success of Formula One, Jet Aviation, Rizon Jet and other investors who have chosen Biggin Hill. Ultimately, LoCATE has the potential to generate circa 1,500 new jobs if the land and buildings at Biggin Hill are used to their potential.

Growth at Biggin Hill Airport is surrounded by myths which this vision is keen to dispel. The vision aims to support and secure the airport’s role of serving business customers, with no plans to be the next Luton or Gatwick Airport or accepting charter flights, night flights, larger aircraft or holiday makers. The focus will be on the growth of Business and General Aviation, supporting the businesses on and around the airport with the services they require.

LoCATE @ Biggin Hill sets out how this vision will be achieved. This prospectus sketches out what it plans to do. These proposals have been developed with, and have the support of, key businesses at Biggin Hill.

LoCATE Cluster