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LoCATE will focus activity around four strategic initiatives and eight practical projects to expand and share opportunity

Objective GROW Deliver on the development potential of the airport as a location for growing and successful businesses.

What will success look like? New and expanded businesses; increased employment and vacant buildings fully utilised.

Project 1 A Plan through Localism
What? Develop a local vision and area plan with the community for development within current flight number thresholds, aircraft noise limits and noise footprint. Who? LBHA
Project 2 Investment Incentives and Funding Plan
What? Develop a business plan for use of planning, financial incentives and new funding models to attract businesses, infrastructure and development activity. Who? LBHA / adjoining landowners

Objective CONNECT To progress the cohesion between the airport, local businesses and Bromley’s people to enhance global competitiveness.
What will success look like? A local airport, enhanced use by Bromley’s businesses, and enhanced connectivity.

Project 3 An ‘All Weather’ Airport
What? Identify key actions necessary to increase the operational reliability of the airport and its services (eg a landing aid on Runway 03) Who? LBHA
Project 4 Enhanced connectivity
What? A local airport with enhanced use and service to local businesses and the community. Who? LBHA / businesses and airport users

Objective INSPIRE Use the economic dynamism of Biggin Hill to enhance skills, productivity, enterprise and innovation.
What will success look like? Increased take-up of employment, particularly at high skill levels, in Biggin Hill businesses by local people.

Project 5 The Biggin Hill Academy
What? Establish a training academy for engineering, aviation and other business skills, to be located at West Camp. Who? Local business / LBHA / local colleges
Project 6 Biggin Hill Career Connect
What? A programme of education outreach by local business to advertise employment opportunities to youth and schools. Who? Local business / schools and colleges

Objective IDENTIFY Widen access and engagement to Biggin Hill’s heritage alongside a contemporary brand as a special place for aviation business and services.

What will success look like? A new focal point for Biggin Hill’s heritage and wider brand recognition among businesses, customers, residents, and visitors.

Project 7 Brand image and investment
What? Refresh the Biggin Hill brand, image, appearance and strategy for attracting inward investment. Who? LBHA / London Development Agency
Project 8 History: Develop a Biggin Hill historic site around the existing Spitfire pens
What? Sponsor a new Spitfire hangar and old dispersal hut with public access in East Camp. Who? LBHA / aircraft owner