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Size & Noise Restriction

Size Restriction

Biggin Hill Airport can accommodate most business aircraft types.

The modern day business jet is getting quieter and quieter as engines get more efficient. Typical examples of the larger aircraft that use Biggin Hill are the Boeing Business Jet and the Airbus Corporate Jet, along with many other smaller jets such as Citations and Learjets. The airport similarly cannot accept planes such as B747s due to their size and weight.

Plane Engine

Noise Restriction

Aircraft using London Biggin Hill Airport must have CAA noise certification and meet stringent noise levels.

The noise levels are:

  • Take-off 89 EPNdB
  • Sideline 94 EPNdB
  • Approach 98 EPNdB

Aircraft CitationCitation Excel

Take-off: 72.4 EPNdB
Sideline: 85.3 EPNdB
Approach: 93.1 EPNdB


Challenger 604Challenger 604

Take-off: 80.9 EPNdB
Sideline: 86.2 EPNdB
Approach: 90.3 EPNdB


Aircraft GlobalGlobal Express

Take-off: 75.6 EPNdB
Sideline: 89.3 EPNdB
Approach: 89.7 EPNdB


Noise Action Plan

For more information on the Noise Action Plan, please click on the link below.

Noise Action Plan