The Future

Through careful and managed growth, Biggin Hill will continue to generate economic prosperity and employment opportunities as it grows. It has, through careful marketing and partnering, attracted companies such as F1 and Rizon Jet, a major aircraft service centre.

Rizon Hangar

Alongside this, Biggin Hill holds approval for a 76 bed high quality hotel on the airport, providing further facilities for our visitors, customers and crew. An opportunity exists to partner with the Airport on this project.

CGI of the Planned Hotel

The Airport will never be a Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick – the focus will always be on the niche business aviation market, providing a quick, slick alternative to the major London airports. The future strategy for the Airport builds on its success as a service centre for business and general aviation by attracting more businesses and jobs to be based at the airport, and to maximise the use of existing surrounding industrial property. Having been designated a strategic outer London Development Centre by The Mayor of London in The London Plan, the LoCATE at Biggin Hill initiative encompasses the essence of the philosophies and opportunities at the Airport. Click here for more information on LoCATE.

The Airport will also look to improve the way it serves business passengers and make best use of the aircraft that use the Airport every day. Private business air travel is changing, with the growing ‘air taxi’ market and exclusive shuttle services, Biggin Hill will adapt and evolve to ensure it remains at the forefront of these developments, supporting London and the UK’s economy in maximising reach and connectivity all over the world.

Overall, the aim is for Biggin Hill to become the high technology hub for South London, providing high quality, high technology jobs with high added value to an international clientele generating valuable investment in the UK.