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Brietling Wingwalkers Team

Patrouille de France Team

RAF Red Arrows

Saab Gripen, Czech Air Force

F-16, Belgian Air Force

A special 2-day Festival of Flight takes place at Biggin Hill Airport over the weekend  of 19th & 20th August celebrating the airport’s centenary year and its proud heritage in a very public way.

For the first time in more than a decade, two national aerobatic teams will be performing thrilling formation sequences for spectators.  Representing the UK and showcasing the excellence of the Royal Air Force, the Red Arrows team of nine BAeS Hawks will display on both weekend days during the afternoon.  The French Air Force Aerobatic Team known as ‘Patrouille de France’ will fly in on Sunday in their nine Alphajets to enhance the centenary year show as it moves towards a dazzling finale.

This year is a special one for the aircrew and aircraft of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF).  It is the 60th anniversary of its formation as the RAF’s embryonic Historic Aircraft Flight.  Equally noteworthy is that the birthplace of what was in time to become the BBMF was at RAF Biggin Hill in the summer of 1957.   Spectators will see the majestic trio, the Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane and Avro Lancaster in the air and on the ground  on both Festival days.

First time visitors from Europe are the Czech Air Force (CAF), 88 of whose past generations flew bravely alongside RAF pilots during m WWll.  Three quarters of a century on, the modern CAF will display at the Festival of Flight with the impressive and  rarely seen Saab Gripen multi-role combat aircraft and two specialist helicopters,  an Mi 171 Hind transport and the fiercesome Mi 36 attack machine.

Also from Europe will be the agile F-16 fighter of the Belgian Air Force.  Other crowd favourites include the historic Boeing B17 bomber, the ‘Sally B’ and the Breitling Wingwalkers,  the world’s only aerobatic formation wingwalking team.

The WWl team will be flying their replica types, simulating the air battles of the Great War era.

Any air event at Biggin Hill would naturally include a good showing of Spitfires and Hurricanes and the Heritage Hangar will come up trumps here.  As the daily display programme reaches a climax,  their iconic WWll fighters will fill the sky with the sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, then  a solo Spitfire will provide the final heritage scenario as the sun begins to set.

The showground will include an exhibition covering 100 years of military and commercial life at Biggin Hill Airport with film, vehicles – and much more.

A large funfair for all the family, over 100 exhibitors, a static show of  interesting aircraft based at the airport provided by the Heritage Hangar and Shipping & Airlines and the arrival on Saturday of the Roundel Rally of classic and modern cars.  Two catering courts in the showground will supply food and drink, both positioned to afford views of the flying display.

Gates open at 9am daily and the flying display commences at 1230 both days.

Entrance tickets continue to be available for purchase.  For prices and sales, go to      Page of  Q & A page will answer routine questions.



Images: Mike Rivett – Fotomotion


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