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Biggin Hill Airport has confirmed that it has started the process of introducing its Noise Action Plan following the decision of Bromley Borough Council to approve its extended operating hours.

The Noise Action Plan (NAP) commits the airport to a range of measures that will minimise the impact on neighbouring residents.  The NAP includes:

  • The introduction of a new state of the art Noise Monitoring and Track Keeping System (NMTKS) will mean that Councillors and local residents will be able to track every flight and see clear information about noise levels in real-time. Such comprehensive NMTK systems are normally only found at much larger airports.
  • Tighter controls on light aircraft, which are the subject of the many noise complaints, including the no-fly zones already introduced along with bans on circuit training before 9am and after 5pm on summer weekends.

For the first time since it opened in 1917, Biggin Hill Airport will introduce a defined noise limit for aircraft operations.

The Council’s decision to extend the Airport’s operating hours will make the airport a more attractive place to locate for businesses with an aviation interest and help create new jobs.

Will Curtis, Managing Director of Biggin Hill, said: “”We are pleased that our proposal has been approved.  It has quite rightly been subject to extensive scrutiny and consultation from Councillors and local residents.

“The agreement sets in stone the promises we have made, and gives residents certainty that Biggin Hill will remain a small, well managed airport with modern noise monitoring that will ensure it remains a good neighbour.

“Airports our size are not normally required to put in place measures like these, given the high costs involved and the fact we are comparatively much quieter than larger commercial airports. However, we have listened carefully to local residents, who support longer opening hours but want to see environmental protections as part of the package.

“With the changes that have been agreed with the Council, we can now attract more investment, creating more jobs for local people and generating the monies that are needed to fund the comprehensive noise action plan.”

Issued by Biggin Hill Airport Ltd –

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