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Biggin Hill gets to work on noise action plan

Biggin Hill Airport has announced that the first phase of its comprehensive noise reduction programme will come into force on Wednesday 1st April 2015.

As the airport starts its plan to attract more companies to the airport, bringing new apprenticeships and jobs, it has announced a range of measures that will reduce noise for residents living in Biggin Hill and neighbouring villages, particularly from light aircraft which residents have expressed concerns about.

These are the first steps of a more comprehensive plan that will be rolled out over the next two years. The initial measures include:

  • Introducing no low fly zones for light aircraft over Biggin Hill, Downe, Keston, Farnborough, Hayes and Orpington.
  • Establishing a Safety and Noise Review Board to review all noise complaints and issue penalties to those pilots failing to properly observe restrictions.
  • Ensuring landing aircraft use only idle power at reverse thrust unless operationally essential.
  • Limiting circuit training by light aircraft – the airport will not allow circuit training after 5pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in British Summer Time.
  • Introducing landing fee discounts for aircraft owners fitting approved exhaust silencers to their aircraft thereby reducing noise on the ground.

Will Curtis, Managing Director at Biggin Hill Airport, said:

“I live in Biggin Hill so I understand the importance of reducing noise. We have a comprehensive plan to reduce the noise footprint of the airport by 50%. These measures are the ones that can be introduced relatively quickly.

“Our longer term plan also includes new noise monitoring equipment and noise enforcement measures, as well as new approach procedures keeping planes higher for longer, but these need significant investment and approval by the aviation regulatory authorities. We have now appointed specialist airspace consultants Cyrrus to start the process of making these changes and we will keep residents informed about our progress.”

More information about the Noise Action Plan is available at