Biggin Hill Airport

Stakeholder Consultation

Proposal to provide an Instrument Approach Procedure for Runway 03


Post Consultation Update – September 2016

Between November 2015 and February 2016, London Biggin Hill Airport carried out a consultation on its plans to introduce an Instrument Approach Procedure for the airport’s Runway 03. The aim of the plan is to enable all-weather operations to be carried out safely and efficiently. The consultation was undertaken within the requirements of the UK Civil Aviation Authority. A Post-Consultation Report was published on the airport’s website in April 2016.


The proposal was widely welcomed by airport users and the wider aviation community, as well as by the airport’s local communities. However, concerns were expressed by individuals and community groups in the Coulsdon area, and by certain interfacing air navigation service providers.


Following publication of the Post-Consultation Report, London Biggin Hill Airport has been working with the interfacing air navigation service providers in order to understand their concerns and to develop a safe and efficient method of handling Runway 03 inbound flights. We have also looked at how far we are able meet the concerns expressed by community groups, whilst remaining within the strict design criteria of the aviation authorities.  In particular, we are in the process of evaluating a “fair weather” approach path which more closely follows the route of existing noise sources such as the M23 and M25.


These developments are bound to have an impact on our original proposal, and it is likely that a second (limited) round of consultation will be necessary. We are currently seeking guidance from the aviation authorities on the form and extent of the consultation, which we expect to take place later this year. Whatever the outcome of our discussions, we will keep you informed.

LBHA  September 2016




Dear Consultee,

LBHA would like to thank all those who responded to our consultation on the proposal to provide an Instrument Approach Procedure for Runway 03, and for your patience while the Post-Consultation Report was prepared.

The Post-Consultation Report together with the noise analysis used for the Consultation can be accessed via the links below.


The original Consultation Document from the 18th November 2015 can be found at:-

In the Report we have explained the basis for the consultation and answered your questions – insofar as is possible at the present – on matters including noise, alternative routes and the consultation process itself.

Work on the proposal is still ongoing and there is a section in the Report headed “What Happens Next?” For your awareness, the Report is only one of several documents that the Civil Aviation Authority will expect us to submit for consideration, including safety assurances and agreements with other air traffic management providers.

We will continue to update the LBHA website with information on the proposal.