Fees and Charges

Domestic LandingInternational LandingHandlingParking per DayHangar per Day
319 ACJ2,099.502,470.00360.00578.501,156.00
BBJ2,099.50 2,470.00 360.00 578.501,224.00
CL 350613.70722.00190.00169.10370.44
560 / CJ4230.50272.10100.0071.20201.60
750 / CX549.10646.00190.00151.30351.12
DORNIER 328452.20532.00160.00124.60370.44
PILATUS PC 12103.00131.70100.0053.40188.16
TBM 700 / 85068.4082.9070.0027.60109.20
BEECH 200149.30178.00100.0053.40185.64
ECLIPSE 500 / 55068.4082.9070.0027.60100.80
Phenom 100149.30178.00100.0053.40131.04
Phenom 300230.50272.10100.0071.20215.04
LEGACY 450581.40684.00190.00160.20336.00
LEGACY 500646.00760.00190.00178.00352.80
LEGACY 650807.50950.00240.00222.50458.64
2000 EX / LX646.00760.00190.00178.00352.80
900 B / C678.30798.00240.00186.90319.20
900 EX / LX742.90874.00240.00204.70352.80
G 350/4/450969.001,140.00270.00302.60544.32
G 5/500/550969.001,140.00300.00373.80706.44
G 650969.001,140.00300.00409.40756.00
PREMIER 1149.30178.00100.0053.40164.64

All prices quoted in pounds sterling and are subject to VAT where applicable

Standard Schedule of Fees and Charges

With effect from 1 April 2016

All prices are exclusive of VAT where applicable.
References to weight imply Maximum Total Weight Authorised

1. Weight Charges on Landing

Aircraft Weight Category (tonnes)Landing FeeBorder Force Levy
0.0 - 0.8£23.00£4.60
0.8 - 1.7£27.70£6.50
1.7 - 2.5£47.40£9.70
2.5 - 3.5£68.40£14.50
3.5 - 4.5£103.00£21.00
Thereafter, Per tonne or part thereof £32.30

A UK Border Force levy is applicable to all arrivals from outside the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and is charged as above or at £ 5.70 / tonne.

Helicopter Landings shall be subject to a minimum landing fee of £47.40

2. Aircraft Handling Service

The airport operates its own Ground Handling agency, services offered are supplied under the IATA standard ground handling agreement, excluding clause 8.5.  For a full copy of the contract please contact this office.

Aircraft Weight Category (tonnes) 
0.0 - 4.0£70.00
4.0 - 8.0£100.00
8.0 - 12.0£130.00
12.0 - 16.0£160.00
16.0 - 20.0£190.00
20.0 - 30.0£240.00
30.0 - 40.0£270.00
Thereafter; Additional £30.00 per 10 tonnes

3. Parking Charges

The first two hours parking are Free of Charge. Light aircraft are discouraged from parking on the terminal apron where a minimum rate of 3.5 tonnes will be charged.

Alternative grass parking is available at standard rates.

Aircraft Weight Category (tonnes)Price Per Day
0.0 - 0.8£10.40
0.8 - 1.7£13.20
1.7 - 2.5£17.70
2.5 - 3.5£27.60
3.5 - 4.5£38.10
4.5 - 6.0£53.40
6.0 - 7.0£62.30
7.0 - 8.0£71.20
Thereafter at a rate of £8.90 per tonne per day or part thereof

Reductions from the daily rates are available by prior arrangement for long term parking away from active aprons. Each day ends at midnight.

For hangarage availability and rates, please call Operations or Handling on +44 (0) 1959 578500

4. Passenger Charges

Applicable to public transport flights as covered by National Aviation Security Protocol;

PLS & Security Charge per passenger£16

PLS includes; check in, baggage handling, boarding or de-planing of passengers and airside transport.

Minimum fee charged shall be equal to the handling charge applicable to the weight of aircraft used.

5. Pet Travel Scheme

Acceptance of booking is subject to DEFRA regulations and 24Hrs prior notice.

Clearance of First Pet£175.00
Second and subsequent pets£50.00

6. Airside Escort Charge

Security vehicle escort on airport£30.00 per half hour or part

This service is included within the handling or PLS fee noted above.

7. Fire Category Upgrades & Out of Hours Extensions

An upgrade of fire category above the published level or extensions to published opening hours are permitted by request under certain circumstances, charges for these services are made in addition to standard fees.

For details please contact the your handling.

8. Navigation Services – ILS or VOR/DME

The charge for navigation services is included in the standard runway charge.

However, a charge will be made for training flights using  navaids which must be booked in advance

The airport reserves the right to charge any aircraft less than 1700kg. for using navaids unless the recorded visibility is less than 7km and the cloud base is less than 1000ft. QFE

All weights£50.00 per ILS or VOR/DME approach

9. Apron Services

Air Stairs£30.00 per time.
GPU & Operator, start up only£50.00 per start.
GPU hire more than 15 mins£80.00 per hour or part
Tug & Driver Hire£80.00 per hour or part
Fork Lift Truck Hire£80.00 per hour or part
De-Icing£80.00 per call-out plus £4/ litre
Toilet Servicing£60.00 per w.c.
Potable Water£60.00 per call-out
Aircraft Wash / Interior ValetingPrice on Application