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Biggin Hill Airport

Runway 03 Airspace Change Proposal

London Biggin Hill Airport: Consultation on new procedures for aircraft approaching Runway 03


I am writing to thank everyone who took the time and effort to respond to our consultation about proposals to install instrument approach procedures to Runway 03 at London Biggin Hill Airport. The consultation closed on Friday 26th February, after the UK’s airspace regulator (the Civil Aviation Authority) allowed us extra time when their move to a new website meant that we had to manually re-instate all the links to CAA reference documents in our consultation.


Overall, we had 72 responses: from MPs, regional, local government and parish representatives, residents’ and conservation organisations and individuals, airports, air traffic management agencies and airspace users. Many of those who responded asked for additional information – which we provided where it was available – or made alternative suggestions, which we are considering. The results showed that 30 (organisations or individuals) supported the proposal, 25 opposed it and 17 were neutral.


LBHA’s standpoint remains that we are aiming to reduce the number of properties overflown at low level (compare Fig 5 p23 with Fig 7 p30 of the Consultation Document) and the ground-level noise (compare Fig 12 p46 with Fig 13 p47), whilst improving safety by introducing a system which ‘locks-in’ the arriving aircraft to a highly specific, safety-approved approach.


So, what happens next?


We are looking into the points raised and, once we have worked them through, we will be posting a ‘Post-Consultation Report’ on our website. This will take 2-3 weeks, so keep checking in with us, please. Then, once we have produced the report, and all the accompanying information that the CAA requires, we will be in a position to determine how best to proceed.


We will, of course, keep you informed.


Thank you.

Consultation Document

Download the document here